Repositioning Property Assets to Maximise Value

At Eagle Property Group, we source, acquire, rework and manage commercial and industrial property assets for Wholesale Investors.

Our key difference? We produce better-than-market average returns in a 3-6 year time frame.


Our track record speaks for itself

We have gone full circle with a number of assets over the past 8 years. From acquisition to repositioning to resale, our work has resulted in excellent returns for our investors.


Finding a needle in a haystack

We practice patience and hard work. Our skill lies in finding that overlooked, underestimated gem and reestablishing its value to the benefit of our investors.

Our approach

The property must make sense. There needs to be a sensible plan to achieve the projected outcomes. If it has good bones, is in a great location, and has multiple options to achieve the requisite returns then we’re interested.

Find miscalculated assets

Unlock value

Investor alignment

In recent years, we have partnered with Eagle on a number of value-add commercial assets. This is our third time partnering on a project. Our previous two partnerships have been very positive for our investors and we’re confident this one will deliver similar benefits.

Grant Atchison

Managing Director, Freehold Investment Management


Silky Oaks Property Fund – Newcastle



Significant CBD Land Consolidation

Our principles

We are sensible yet bold. At EPG, have a clear strategy and purpose, and that is to make each of our acquisitions a financial success. We are not afraid of adapting to our changing world, and we use these principles with each of our investments. We develop an underutilised property to its best-use condition and make it welcoming for the next owner to continue the journey. We use a simple unit trust structure and employ industry leading legal and financial advisors.

Above all we have attitude. Sensible. Bold. Adaptive. And always professional.

Sensible yet bold

Finding hidden value

Independent unit trusts

Interested in joining our next fund? Let’s talk.

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