Who manages the property?

EPG’s syndicated properties are independently managed by local agents with specialist local knowledge, who are responsible for ensuring that the tenant abides by the terms of their lease, as well as collection of the rents and outgoings. EPG monitors the performance of each property and takes an active role in building relationships with the tenants and other stakeholders and in planning and implementing a program of maintenance and improvement within each property to improve future value.

Management of the entity:

EPG and Crest Funds Management Pty Limited (holder of Australian Financial Services Licence no 402998 are responsible for all aspects of your investment, including administration of the syndicate, accounting, insurance, legal and tax compliance.

Management of the asset:

EPG is a ‘hands on manager’ taking an active role in managing both the building and its tenants. It closely monitors the performance of each asset and applies much effort to extracting the potential of the asset during the life of the Fund. EPG also employs a manager local to the area to ensure day to day maintenance issues are swiftly dealt with and to be the first point of contact for a tenant enquiry.

The Manager and its directors and associated entities are subject to the scrutiny of ASIC.

At the end of each quarter a Report outlining the Fund’s activities over the period is distributed to all Unit holders.